Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Happy Five Months, Will!

Dear Little Will Bug,

Your mama is a little behind on this "Happy Five Months!" thing.  It is a very busy time of year for our family!  You've been such a trooper through it all.

Anyhoo...  You are five months old now, plus about a week.  Congratulations!  You made it!  In this last month... went from rolling over occasionally to rolling over a lot!  Your head doesn't wobble anymore at all, and you are so very strong!'ve started to love bouncing up and down and using your leg muscles.  Your physical therapists say "no" to Johnny Jumpers and Exersaucers because they will encourage too much tone in your body, but you are having fun with your legs in small spurts! are still in medium gDiapers but you've just graduated to size 3 in disposable.  More and more of your smaller clothes are going in the basement into tubs.  Now, you only fit into 6 month and bigger clothes.  You're up to 14 pounds!'re still flirting, smiling, giggling and being really social.  You LOVE faces and reach out to touch our cheeks.  If we're not careful, you will scratch and grab at our face, too, you little rascal! are very, very curious about a lot of things and stop to watch and notice anything new around you.  I think you are going to be pretty perceptive.  You notice different voices and follow the sounds with your eyes.  You have started to love music even more, too!  We have had dance parties to some jazz music around the house.  When you are super crabby, the only way I can get you to quiet down is to sing one of our favorite songs...  I adjusted it a little bit from the musical Bye Bye Birdie. :) "I love you, Will Bug, oh yes I do!  I love you, Will Bug, and it is true!  When you're not with me, I feel blue.....(insert a little opera vibrato and dramatic effect...)  Oh, Will Bug, I love you!" are still, still teething.  Every week gets a little worse, and I am just SURE a tooth will pop out...and then it just never does.  You are a little more grouchy than usual.

...even though I know all the doctors say to put you to sleep on your BACK (which we do!) quickly roll over to your tummy to get comfy.  The best part is, you also scrunch your body up until your butt is stuck straight up in the air.  You look really awkward and uncomfortable, but you wrestle around every single time until you get to that favorite position.  You are so silly. are drinking from eight ounce bottles now! never nurse anymore, you little turd, but you are still drinking only breas tmilk.  Praise the Lord for sweet donors and Medela pumps. really, really like sitting up and practice a lot in your high chair and between couch cushions.  The more you can be up seeing the world, the happier you are! still haven't had any more seizures, so your Mayo Clinic doctor said we can wean you off your medicine!  We can't wait! finished the big boy maze at Pumpkinland. had your first family pictures with the DeYounges. went to your first football game to celebrate Sioux Center's Homecoming! starting wearing your amber teething necklace.'ve had your first tastes of real food!  YOU LOVED banana!

Okay.  I think that is all.  You are growing and changing so much every day, it's hard to keep up!

We love you lots and lots and lots.

-Your Mama


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