Sunday, September 8, 2013

Thanks & Continued Prayers

Hello Friends!

Thanks for your faithfulness in praying for our little family, and especially for Will!  The Lord has been using you to partner with Him in bringing about healing for our little guy.  We are super honored to be a part of a believing and praying community.  You're a blessing to us! BIG time.

We have much to be thankful for these days.  Will's doing GREAT.  I've been trying to record some of our praises, thanksgivings and little miracles on my blog at  I won't be updating Caring Bridge anymore, folks, so if you're interested in the continued story of God's faithfulness in Will's life, just bookmark my blog or subscribe by email.

Please continue to pray for us.  We are going to Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN on Tuesday of this week for some tests and second/third/fourth opinions.  Will will have another EEG to test his brain activity to see if he's still prone to more seizures and/or if he has been having seizures that we don't know about.  (This is the most scary part for ME - just thinking about him having those electrodes on again brings back too many yucky memories and thoughts of despair.  I feel like throwing up just thinking about it!  I think the tests will be harder on mama than Will. :)  )  Anyway, we'll also be talking to the doctors about his future, prognosis, development so far, and medication.

I don't know exactly how God will choose to use Will's life, but I am selfishly praying that the EEG would come back totally clean and that his development so far would amaze and totally stun the doctors for the Lord's glory and fame.  We will be excited to tell the docs about how God has been healing him!

I don't really want to tell you HOW or WHAT to pray, because I'd rather you just ask the Lord what's on His heart for Will and our family...and then have you pray those things.  We'd just love for you to stand in the gap for us, especially on Tuesday.

Thanks a MILLION.

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