Sunday, February 10, 2013

M&L Convo - Potty Training

If you were a fly on our living room wall, you would have overheard this conversation a couple of nights ago.  Enjoy.

Mark: Are you going to love the baby more than me?

Liza: No.  I won't.  I will love God, and then you, and then the baby.

M: But he is going to be REALLY cute.  Are you sure?

L:  Yeah, I'm sure.  I'll love you more. 

M:  How come?

L:  Well, the baby is going to poop his pants.  YOU don't poop your pants.

M: (smiling proudly) Nope!

......seconds of silence..........

Mark again:  Wait a second.  What happens when the baby is potty trained and doesn't poop his pants any more?  THEN are you going to love him more?  .....great.

......a few more beats of silence......

M: We are never potty training our kid.  

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