Thursday, February 21, 2013

33 Weeks

33 weeks, friends.  We are down to the single digits!  Highlights of this season include...
  • Fun baby showers
  • Major kicking, squirming, and twisting around
  • Making final decisions regarding our birth plan
  • Lots of hiccups
  • Getting VERY excited to meet our little buddy in a few short weeks
  • Onesies.  What is it with those things?  They are adorable.  I find myself petting and squeezing and hugging little onesies just thinking about how fun it will be to have a little guy wearing one of them.
Not so fun things include...
  • Sleepiness.  Like, we are talking big time tiredness.  I am usually a high maintenance person when it comes to sleep.  I regularly require 8 hours of sleep...I regularly prefer 9.  I am little embarrassed to admit how many hours Pregnant Liza has been requiring lately...  Yikes.
  • Heartburn.  Holy smokes.  Shots of baking soda and Tums are my best friend - at least they take the edge off.  I have, however, discovered that a good bowl of ice cream before bed leads to the greatest, uninterrupted, heartburn-free sleep ever.  Lesson learned.  Tough life.  I GUESS I will have to make a habit of ice cream before bed....for the baby.
  • The uncomfortable season has begun...there just ain't enough room in my midsection for the both of us.  He is really hogging the space.
  • Shortness of breath...sometimes when I am just sitting still.  Ask my boss how I am handling the stairs in our office.  You'd think I just climbed a mountain or something...  Singing and leading worship for hours on end is getting increasingly ridiculous.
I would like to point out that the third trimester is still much, much better than the first.  I will take sleepiness and heart burn over vomited every day ANY day.  Praise the Lord for 33 weeks of a happy and healthy pregnancy!

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