Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Thirty Weeks!

This little guy and I - we've made it 30 weeks, friends.  I know I've said this before, but he is ROW-DY.  (That is the word "rowdy" with TWO syllables for more emphasis.)  Like, crazy rowdy.  Obviously, I have nothing to compare it to, but I am convinced, the bigger he gets, the more he is claustrophobic like his daddy.  I have felt little heels or elbows or something knobby jab me over and over.  He twists and turns and punches and kicks and wiggles...heck, I think he does somersaults.  I think he just likes to play and have a rambunctious-sort-of-fun. 

With this little one, I think I will have my hands full and my appreciation for quiet and stillness will multiply exponentially...  And I think Mark will finally have a playmate to do crazy things with...because, well, his wife likes to take hot baths and read books and other not-so-crazy things. 

I am almost finished with the nursery.  The picture above is of a little graphic I found online, colored, and cut out to frame on one of his walls.  "I Love Everything About You," it says.  Which, now that I think about it, might be sort of a lie.  I doubt I will love his poop.  Highly doubt that.  Oh well.  At least he will feel warm and fuzzy when he looks at the artwork, regardless.  I have one more frame to fill with a crafty something, a little spot to buy some sort of succulent or something green, and I am hoping to find a little teddy bear or stuffy to set on a shelf...but that's it.  When I am really finished I will post pictures.  Promise.

Happy 30 weeks to ME and my little buddy.  And, well...happy WEEK to you!



  1. well, auntie Niki will keep him busy when he wears you out. I have LOTS of practice. As for the nursery...go ahead and make it perfect. Lil' man will likely sleep wherever you are and could care less about his pretty room. Aaahhh.....I just love reality crashing in on your dreams. :)

  2. you are very cute. don't think i'm weird or touchy feely. i'm JUST SAYING.


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