Saturday, May 12, 2012

Birthday Cheer

It's Mark's birthday today!  He's the best husband ever, and he is my most favorite today is one of my favorite days.  Special thanks to Dave and Bev DeYounge for making, birthing and raising him.  Even specialer thanks to the Lord for giving him to me.  Oh, how I love him.  May 12 is such a great day.

He is celebrating right now with some good friends and some golf and sun.  We will celebrate some more with other friends as we attend lots of graduation parties this afternoon.  We will celebrate MORE tonight with some of Mark's favs - Cracker Carrot Casserole, Bohemian Meatballs and Butterfinger Cake.  

We will celebrate even MORE on Monday by going...  Oh, wait.  That's still a surprise.  I will tell you more about Monday's festivities later.

Happy birthday, Mark!    


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  1. something about festivities and the tegeler family.... they seem to follow each other often....


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