Wednesday, March 28, 2012

RE: Garbage, Hippie-Type Prayer, Running and Gravel Roads

I'm experimenting wrapping presents, Etsy orders and goodies with garbage repurposed items.  Old return bill envelopes, tea bag sleeves, leftover paper doilies from a party I went to, extra sewing trim, miscellaneous notebook scraps, CD sleeves, random string and garage sale beads, and sticky file folder labels.  So much fun!

The only problem is that now I'm displaying small hording tendencies.  I just went to Starbucks and saved every napkin and sleeve and scrap that should have gone in the garbage.  This could go badly, friends...  Save me from myself.

Today I ran 1.10 miles.  It's not much more than a mile, but it IS progress, folks.  Watch out.

Mark and I went on a little country drive today, too.  Gravel roads are therapeutic for the soul.

In Hippie-Type Prayer news, prayer today looked like...

  • Asking the Lord to help me understand a passage in II Samuel.  I gave up and asked for His guidance as I researched stuff on Google.  The Lord can work through Google.
  • Processing the passage more in the shower.  I turned the shower on really hot because I like it that way. In the midst of it feeling awesome, I told the Lord that I would like more anointing in life and ministry.  I got this picture of Samuel anointing David's head with oil...of Psalm 23 and David saying that the Lord anoints his head with oil and his cup overflowing.  "Yes, God.  That is what I would like," I told Him.  I pretended the hot shower water was anointing oil and that the Lord was dumping it all over me.  
  • On our gravel drive, I invited the Lord along, and in my head, I rejoiced with Him in cute little trees, a pretty silhouette of a church on a hill, the sound of rocks crunching under our tires.  I told the Lord thanks for all the little happy things.  He is so nice to bless me with beauty all around.
  • In talking to Mark, I said something nasty about somebody and felt a little gut check.  I took it as the Lord telling me to knock it off, so I stopped, breathed a quick sorry, and moved on.
I believe prayer is communication, consciousness of the Lord's presence, tuning the radio dial of our minds into what He's doing around us, what He's saying.  It is so much fun to invite Him into the everyday moments.  He likes spending time with us, even in the little things.

Happy Wednesday night, friends.  

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