Thursday, January 6, 2011

Jealous of Georgia!

Mark is still in Georgia. He’s taking seminary classes. Georgia is so lucky to have him there. I am jealous of Georgia.

When we got married, I knew that the Lord would no longer look at Mark & I as separate individuals, but as one flesh. Understood. Check.

In Mark’s absence, though, I am realizing what it feels like to be one flesh. It feels like he is my other half. (And for the record, he is the better half.) When I am eating supper and doing dishes and Mark isn’t around, half of me is missing. When I am hanging out with my family and having fun and Mark isn’t around, half of me is missing. When I am driving six hours across the state and Mark isn’t in the seat next to me, half of me is missing. I am not fully “there”. I feel half “out of it” and half distant and half grumpy and half impatient and half lonely.

Actually, whole lonely.

When my other half is missing, life feels hollow.

...insert a huge dramatic sigh... :) Five more sleeps!

I am praising God for the great work He has done in stitching our hearts together, bit by bit. May He continue to stitch both of our hearts to His, bit by bit, too.



  1. dishamen, sista. Say, did you two coordinate your outfits on your honeymoon? :)

  2. so, liza. you'll have to do some encouraging or something because this makes me NOT want to get married.

  3. Niki - Nope. We are just naturally stylish. :) (yeah right)

    Micah - You will meet a nice boy someday and you won't need encouraging.


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