Sunday, April 9, 2017

Bug Play Dough Kit

Hello, Spring!  We're so glad you're finally here.  It's the perfect season to put together a little bug play dough kit, don't you think?

I took the easy route this time around and used pre-made Play Doh.  We had several colors still sitting in our basement, so might as well get some use out of them!  We chose brown, black and green, but any earthier colors would work well, I think.

We had our bugs and river rocks on hand from other projects.  If I remember correctly, the bugs came in a cheap party favor pack we bought at Wal-Mart for preschool.  There are usually plenty of rock options available in Wal-Mart's greenery/fake flower section too, but many of them are really small and choking hazards!  Choose wisely, here, folks, and wait for the bigger ones!

I purchased a cheap little bag of Sushi grass on Amazon, thinking the kids could make bug habitats with it.  I will say, though, the grass isn't crazy durable and some gets bent up.  For that reason, I only put a small portion of the grass in the kit and saved the rest to use as replacements!

Add a dollar store magnifying glass and some sticks from your yard (we used little pieces of driftwood I found on the beach last summer), and you've got yourself a play doh bug kit, friends.

We spent a short weekend with Mark's family, and I brought this along for some of the cousins to play with - thinking it would only occupy the littler ones.  I was totally surprised to see ALL of the kids - up to 11 years old - having so much fun with it!  Our neighbor kids come over (who are even older) and play with our play dough often too.  All this to say, no one is ever too old to play play dough, folks.


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