Friday, February 24, 2017

Snow Sensory Kit

Iowa is so weird, you guys.  The kids and I were outside ALL day one day - in flip flops - and the next day, it's an all-out blizzard.  At the very least, we know spring is coming sooner or later, so this was one of our last chances to play with our snow sensory kit.

The kids have been extra stir crazy today, but this activity bought me almost a full hour.  The mess was pretty substantial, but only took about five minutes to clean up.  For me, it's totally worth it.

We have been loving the Safari LTD Toobs, which come with an assortment of animals and creatures based on a particular theme.  We have had the Arctic Toob since last season, so I put it to good use in this snow for a change of scenery.

We added some glass gems for pretend water + ice, but keep in mind these usually come fairly small - like, the perfect size to choke on.  I found larger gems (they are two or three inches around) that aren't so tempting for little ones to put in their mouths, and if they do, they are not so easily ingestible.  

The snow is a mixture of cornstarch + canola oil - a recipe I found on Pinterest.  From there, I added some leftover silver glitter just for fun.  The mixture is messy, but it it's the perfect consistency to pack into snowmen and mountains and snowballs!

I doubled the snow recipe and made another container for Charlotte, but instead of the Arctic animals, I put some of her Frozen figurines inside.  She LOVED it.  

We are choosing to enjoy the last little bits of snow + winter we have this season.  I know when summer hits, I'll dream of being cooped up + cozy with my kiddos.  

Happy snow day, friends!


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