Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Star Wars Play Dough Kit

The day I worked on this kit and eventually took its pictures was the same day we all found Carrie Fisher had died.  It seems a little more fitting and special now, knowing hours of fun will be had in her memory.

I never really followed her personal life, however I did gather, over the years, that she was insecure, mentally ill, and a little crazy - but never afraid to speak out about it.  To me, this means she was brave and bold, endearing and approachable, and always beautiful.  

Oh, Carrie...  We will miss you.  You're my very favorite princess.

I would also like to say I am a little miffed at how hard it is to come by a Leia action figure.  We love Playskool's Galactic Heroes series, but all the Leias seem to be really rare and, like, ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS.  Are you kidding me?!

I'm no feminist, but for heaven's sake, do us all a favor, and make more Leia action figures, Playskool. 

No surprise, but this kit was heavily inspired by Mama Papa Bubba again.  Gosh, I love that blog.  Spend two minutes perusing her posts, and you won't be able to STOP yourself from making play dough creations.

I had three little mini-themes going on here...

Galaxy/Space - Black dough with glitter and confetti stars...  Also, glow in the dark stars and the Millennium Falcon to play with.

Tatooine - Plain, non-colored play dough with some play sand added...  Also, some rocks and Luke Skywalker.

Forest Moon of Endor - Green play dough with some green glitter...  Also, plastic trees and Han.  This would have been even more perfect if I'd have had Ewok action figures, but alas, Han was influential on this planet in taking down the shield generator.  Good enough!

My sister was getting rid of some Darth Vader and Storm Trooper Easter Eggs, so I threw those in, along with some thematic cookie cutters (Circle (for a planet, maybe?), a star, and a tree (for Endor, obvs.)

This has been our absolute favorite kit thus far, by a landslide.  So. Much. Fun.


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