Thursday, November 10, 2016

Seasonal Centerpieces for Dummies

I used to kind of hate seasonal decorating.  It seemed a little overwhelming to have entire collections of decorations that needed to be set out every few months.  Storing all of those extra decorations on off-seasons seemed like border-line hoarding, and BUYING those different collections seemed like it'd break my checking account.

BUT I LOVE THE SEASONS.  Fall is my favorite.  Christmas is my other favorite.  The Fourth of July is my other other favorite.  

I really needed to find a way to make seasonal celebrating work.  Minimalist, style, please.

I certainly can't say I've arrived at an amazing-seasonal-decorating-diva place, but I have found little ways to change things up a bit.  The easiest spot I've found to change is my kitchen table centerpiece.

Let's use the word "centerpiece" loosely, mmkay?  Because some of you have watched Sandra Lee's show on the Food Network, and her idea of "centerpiece" is, like, CRAZINESS.  WHERE IS THE SPACE TO EAT AND PUT MY ELBOWS, SANDRA?  WHERE?!

Scrap Sandra Lee for a moment (Sorry, honey.), and stick with me.

For ME, "centerpiece" means a wooden trivet thing with a Target clearance bowl full of ___insert seasonal decor___...

Fall?  Granny Smith apples in September.  A big a$$ pumpkin through November.  Preferably not orange, and preferably not fake.

Winter?  Wal-Mart clearance gold Christmas ornaments in December.  Pinecones through February.

Spring? I DON'T KNOW.  Send help.  My stipulations include - it must be a NEUTRAL color or greenish.  It must not include an arrangement.  I just want to dump stuff into a bowl, people.

Summer?  Limes!  Give me ALL THE LIMES.  I heart you.

I am also working on some seasonal essential oil combinations.  I love using Thieves straight through Fall and Winter, and also love Lavender + Lemon in the spring.  Any summer suggestions?  Or favorite combos all around?  Please comment below.

...and also comment with Spring "centerpiece" suggestions.

Okay, thanks, bye.


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