Sunday, June 14, 2015

About Grace

When little sister goes down without a fight so you can play outside with big brother for an extra hour before the summer sun goes down.  Grace.

When you hear that same little sister crying at night and are sure you'll have to drag your butt out of bed to feed her another bottle, but then.....  Quiet.  Grace.

When your doctor says, "This is nothing I'm concerned about.  This is completely normal."  Grace.

When you plan to be rushed and short on time, but then the appointment is quick, so you have time to run an extra errand and stroll through a beautiful greenhouse inhaling the sweet smell of wet dirt.  Grace.

When your mother-in-law offers to watch your older one while you put your younger one down, uninterrupted, for the night.  Grace.

When your toddler gets to see a rainbow for the first time - full and bright, arching across your back patio.

When you've been meaning to buy a basket to put in that certain spot for months, and when you finally remember to put it on your errand list, and when your aunt (who has no idea) walks in the door that morning with, you guessed it - a basket.  And it fits perfectly.  Grace.

When, finally, for the third time in a row, your littlest one is good for a babysitter, and you can begin to taste the sweetness of some time away again.  Grace.

When it's rainy, and you have quiet time in the car with a latte.  Grace.

When you get to sit in cool grass with your toddler, watching the neighbors fly kites across the street.  When your toddler is mezmerized by the kite-flying, and he sits still next to you, his pudgy hand in your lap, for a whole 10 minutes.

When there's nothing left to do but drink a glass of wine, eat a piece of chocolate and watch your favorite show.

When you've fought all night, when you've acted like a jerk, and then, when the lights are out and the day is done, your husband still pulls you in to cuddle.  Grace.

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