Thursday, May 14, 2015

W + C May Update

Will - Age 2 + 1 month

Color : Blue

Toy/s : Matchbox cars, trains, airplanes, tractors, footballs, plastic dinosaurs and farm animals

Food/s : Chips and salsa, French fries and ketchup, balsamic vinaigrette, chicken poppers, pickles

Words : LOTS!  Full sentences.  '''Have fun with the kids?'' "'Daddy go to work?''  "'Dog! Come here, right now!''  ''Shoot!''  "How about...''  ''Go to Papa's house?''

TV : Daniel Tiger and Sesame Street

Outfit : Dinosaur jammers

Accomplishments : Can count to six (on a good day), knows all basic shapes and colors, really good at puzzles and shape sorters!, working on bike riding, can shoot hoops like daddy with a ''gooseneck!'', can put his own shoes on

Game : Wrestling with Daddy, impromptu dance parties

Animal/s : Dogs, cows, dinosaurs, horses

Song/s : On Christ the Solid Rock I Stand, Hosanna, Deep & Wide, Jesus Loves Me

Funnies : For some reason, Will does not say ''yes''...  He will ask a question, we will interpret, then he says, "Okay!'' as if it's your idea...  W: Have fun with the kids?  Me: You want to go outside and have fun with the kids?  W:  OKAY!!

Book/s : Tractor board book, anything Dr. Seuss, Things That Go board book

Best Friend : Daddy, Papa George, Papa Dave

Fascinations : Sun, moon, stars, airplanes in the sky, how things work!, fixing things, playing water, books!

Favorite Outside Activity : Play with the hose and water, ride his new bike!

Drink : Grammy's "Cow Juice''

In Bed at Night : TWO stuffed cubes, Piggy

Charlotte - Age 9 months

Color : Mama thinks you look best in chambray and black.  We will see what your favorite color turns out to be!

Toy/s : Teethers!  Little rag doll and water baby

Food/s : ANYTHING.  Seriously.  You've never spit anything back out.

Words : No words yet.  Just ''lioness'' roars and babbles.

TV : Not yet!

Outfit : You love having bare feet, and especially being buck naked...

Accomplishments : Standing and climbing on everything!  Starting to walk alongside things.  Two teeth, working on SIX more.  :(  Solids 3-4 times a day, two naps.  Usually sleeps through the night!

Game : Chasing Will!

Animal/s : None yet.

Song/s : Mama sings "You Are My Charlie Bear" to you!

Funnies : You are always funny and very sociable.  I think you'll be the life of the party!

Book/s : That's Not My Princess!

Best Friend : MAMA.  You won't eat or sleep for ANYone else.  Ugh.

Fascinations : The patio window, Mama's bill drawer, Mama's makeup bag, water!, jewelry

Favorite Outside Activity : Eating grass

Drink : Formula!

In Bed at Night : Paci, lovie, bunny

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