Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Why I am Planning a Theme Party

Last year, when Will turned one, we celebrated simply.  I loved our cheap, generic, last-minute, Wal-Mart party, and Will loved his French fries.  It felt right.  It was right.

This year I wanted to plan a more extravagant theme party for Will, but then I felt guilty that I might be spoiling him.  Or that other moms might think I am too frivolous.  Or some people might think I am showing off.

So I almost didn't plan a theme party...

And then, I thought to myself, "Who are you kidding?!  You come from a long line of theme party planners.  You grew up on theme parties.  You have theme parties in your DNA.  You were made to plan theme parties."

And, it's true.

I love me a good theme party.

I love celebrating.

If it were up to me, everyone would get their whole birthday month to celebrate and eat good food and do fun things and enjoy being alive for another year.

Let's be honest.  I am the one who keeps her Christmas tree up for at least five months.

As I was processing all of this, the Lord said to me, "You know, Liza...  I like to celebrate, too.  Did you know my first miracle involved wine, of all things, at a party (of all places)?!  And, did you know, I set up several different festivals and weeks and weeks of celebrations for my chosen people to enjoy and remember together?  Did you know I am a celebrating kind of God?  A happy kind of dad?  Did you know I am excitedly planning one heck of a party and feast that is coming sooner than you think?  One that will be more extravagant than all other parties combined?  And you will be my special guest there?

You reflect Me when you celebrate extravagantly out of a pure and joyous heart.  I love that you love to celebrate."

And you know what?  The Lord loves it when you do whatever you do extravagantly out of a pure and joyous heart.  Do you run marathons?  Do you keep a tidy and organized house?  Do you paint?  Do you cook?  Do you write?  Do you have a successful career?

Whatever you love to do, and whatever reflects God's character, and whatever is done out of a pure heart is worth rocking, I think.

Me?  I'm going to go rock this Woody's Round Up party.  Will LOVES Woody and I LOVE theme parties.

My sweet boy will be TWO.  My miracle baby does not have cerebral palsy and is not paralyzed and he has not had any more seizures.  He is a smarty-pants, fun-loving, blue-eyed delight, and I sure as heck am not going to let worrying about what other people think ruin my extravagant celebration of something so wonderful.

April 24th, you can't come fast enough.

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