Friday, March 6, 2015

Capsule Wardrobe - Creating an Inspiration Board

Did you Google "capsule wardrobe?"  I hope you did!  There's a wealth of knowledge out there, people.  (To catch up on my endeavor, click HERE.)

But where to begin, where to begin...

An inspiration board.  That is where you should begin.

An inspiration board will help you determine your personal style.  
And that, my special friends, that is a big deal.

Finding my personal style has been absolutely, positively foundational in this entire journey.  It has helped me choose which items to keep or toss, and it has brought more focus on what things to add or buy for my wardrobe.  

I created a Pinterest board and pinned ideas of outfits, color schemes and clothing pieces for months.

...Granted, you do not need to pin for months, but that is just how long it took me, seeing as how I have two children under two that like to pull at my legs and take me away from things like style.  But I digress...

Oh, wait.  One more side note - If you are not a Pinterest fan, I'm sure you could do a hard copy inspiration board - maybe cutting out ideas from magazines and using some good, old-fashioned Elmer's glue...?  But really, I would highly encourage you to give Pinterest a shot.  It makes this process super slick.  I promise.

SO.  The ultimate goal in this first step is to have an inspiration board chock full of pictures and ideas that speak to you...  Or make your heart happy...  Or that you think are cute...  You get the idea?  Stuff you like.

Don't think too hard about this.  

I pinned hundreds of different outfits and color palettes, brand names and even some house decor - with no rhyme or reason.  Do NOT think about a theme or the price tag or the versatility of the piece or whether or not you would ever wear it or look fat in it.  (There will be plenty of time for that later.)

Right now, you just need to pin anything and everything you like.

Browse others' clothing and style boards (view mine HERE), visit style blogs, and do searches.  For more helpful searches, you could type in words about your lifestyle (stay at home mom outfits, professional, business casual, etc.), celebrity style crushes (Jennifer Aniston style, etc.), patterns you like (floral blouse, stripe t-shirt, etc.), adjectives (cozy, layered, minimalist, flowy, etc.) or certain pieces you know you like (scarf outfits, cardigan, riding boots, etc.).

Also, you may want to let this develop over time.  Pin a few things, then revisit the board in a few days to pin a handful of other things.  Let your board grow over a couple of weeks or even months. This is helpful, because, if you're like me, when I'm tired, I'll pin things like sweatpants and sweatshirts, blander color palettes, easy-to-wear outfits...when I am loaded on caffeine, I will pin more "going out" outfits and be more open to crazy patterns and styles.

If you let your inspiration board build over time, it will better represent who you are in a more overarching, fully-faceted sort of way.  It will be more balanced and reflect the real you.

So!  Go get 'em, Tiger!  Go pin some things, and check back for more updates this month!

PS - I would LOVE to see your inspiration boards!  Message me with your links!

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