Saturday, May 3, 2014

First Birthday Highlights

Though we were hoping for a bright and sunny day for Will's birthday, we ended up with rain and wind and cold, cold, cold.  We spent part of the day playing ball at our church's gym.

...and had a little Dairy Queen picnic on the gym floor.

Daddy shared one of his french fries with Will.

And then the boys played basketball.  Will loved watching Mark shoot hoops.  When Mark gave Will the ball, he looked right at the hoop and threw the ball - fully convinced he would make it, just like dad!

Little hoopster...

Our fancy Wal-Mart party at home.

Complete with fancy Wal-Mart cupcakes.  We are gourmet around here, people.

Happy first birthday, Will-Bug!

Will in his birthday suit - watching Daddy grill out the patio window.

His first cupcake...  Which he did not enjoy as much as this picture eludes...  He shivered when he took the first bite of frosting.  I do not think he has a sweet tooth...yet.

Three generations of cupcake clean up.

Mama and Daddy bought Will a drum set for his birthday.

...but Will likes books better than anything.  He stopped for a quick speed read in the middle of presents.

Auntie Marliss and Uncle Brent...

Grandma Bev and Papa Dave...

Auntie Marliss gave this horse to Will - and he cried and was scared to death of it.  I am happy to report, Marliss, that Will and Horsie experienced full reconciliation the next morning, post-birthday.

Will and Daddy getting ready for a walk, while we waited for party number dos with the Tegeler side.  Both of my boys in their favorite attire - ball caps, t-shirts and slishy shorts.

And then we grilled and ate cupcakes all over again with Grammy Pammy and Papa George...

Papa George gave Will a big boy airplane toy.

And, that is all...

Happy first birthday, Champ!  We love you.


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  1. I laughed out loud at the "3 generations of birthday clean-up" pic.

    West got that same drumset for his 1st birthday. It has gotten a lot of abuse... I mean, use. :)

    Happy Birthday, Warrior Will!


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