Thursday, April 4, 2013

Dear Single Ladies: On Relationship Books

Dear Single Ladies,

Be cautious about dating and relationship books.  There is no formula to finding Mr. Right or to stewarding your singleness perfectly.  Go ahead and "kiss dating goodbye" OR "give dating a chance", but don't put all of your hope in these approaches.  Remember that for each author, they are sharing out of their own experience about what worked for them...once.  There are a lot of other experiences that God orchestrates that are much more traditional, controversial, miraculous and everything in between.  Who knows what He has in store for you!  It may not be something you expect!  There is no replacement for prayer, discernment, wise counsel, accountability and waiting on the Lord...and trusting Him in the messiness of it all.

Much Love,
Married Lady Who Wish She Would Have Learned These Things Earlier in Her Single Lady Years

PS - I will spare you the nasty details regarding how, in my desperately single twenties, I threw all of the dating and courting and relationship books that I owned in a nearby dumpster.


  1. love this little series you've been doing... things I wish someone had said to me when I was 19. I will admit, the book When God Writes your Love Story did change my view on dating. Was that one you threw in the dumpster? :)

  2. Nope. Did not throw that one in the dumpster. :) I've heard it's good! Can't remember if I've read it or not... Hmm...


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