Monday, March 4, 2013

Animal Cracker Baby Shower

My mama and sisters threw me and the little buddy a baby shower!  They are the greatest.  Do you want to see pictures of the goodness?  Yes.  I thought you did.  It's your lucky day.

The shower had a classy neutral color palette and an animal cracker theme.  Fun.

My mom made these stuffy animals.  Talented, right?  They are pretty animal cracker-esque.

Giraffe animal cracker stuffy.

Teddy animal cracker stuffy.  This little guy has rice inside, so he doubles as a heat pack!

Neutral place settings.

Brunch goodies!

These turnovers hold a special place in my heart.  I used to sneak out of study hall and run down town for these guys.  Yum-o.

More brunch!  My mouth is watering.  I could eat breakfast for every meal.

We will be referring to these words of wisdom often.  We are somewhat clueless when it comes to raising a kid.  Watch out, world!

Tons and tons of generous gifts.  Wow.  We are so blessed!  Thank you, family friends for such great goodies!

After a long day's work.  Thanks, family!  You spoiled me!  

PS - There was one fun twist to this baby shower.  It has to do with picking favorites.  More on this later. :)

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