Thursday, October 18, 2012

Rainy Days

I love, love, love rainy days because...

  • Rainy days are darker.  I love low-lit rooms.
  • Rainy days are conducive to reading books, taking naps and drinking warm things - all things I am very passionate about.
  • Rainy days are also conducive to layers, boots and warm clothes.
  • Rainy days sometimes ruin busy plans and force us to slow down - to a pace I am more comfortable with.
  • Rainy days make relaxing noises.  Pitter patters, trickling water, light thunder in the distance...
  • Rainy days are refreshing and give the ground a good drink, and rain makes things greener.  Green happens to be my favorite color.
  • Rainy days wash away dirty sidewalks and grimy streets.  They are a fresh start.  Rainy days also wash my car for free.  ...not that I ever really wash it anyway.
  • Now that I think about it, rainy days are also very conducive to quiet moments and thinking deep thoughts - other things I am very passionate about.
To my friends in Northwest Iowa - Happy Rainy Day.  Enjoy it for all it's worth.

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