Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Mermaid Party Inspiration

I'm at it again, friends.  Charlotte's birthday is in just a couple of weeks, so it's party planning time.  Way back in April, she told me she wanted a MERMAID party.

"A mermaid party?!" I asked her.  We had never talked about mermaids before.  "Do you even know what a mermaid is?!"

"Yes, mom," she replied in her threenager voice.  "Mermaids are sea key-churs (creatures) dat kinda wook wike gurls," her head cocked, thick with "you're an idiot, Mom" tone.  

Point taken.  Mermaids are sea creatures that kinda look like girls.  Charlotte wins a mermaid party.

The super adorable Meri Meri brand has an entire line devoted to a mermaid theme, but I have strong feelings about getting TOO themey.  I like parties to have a strong and cohesive theme, but look collected and a little bit eclectic.  I'm splurging a bit to buy some cute Meri Meri mermaid plates, but I'll veer off into Target + Wal-Mart land for cheaper accessories.

And can I just draw a bit of attention to this rad shell punch bowl?!  I know, I know - it looks cheap and weird in the Oriental Trading picture, but it is speaking to me, you guys.  I MUST do something marvelous and show-stopping with this bad boy.  

Wish me luck, friends.


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