Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Catch up!

I know, I know.  I've been terrible at blogging lately.  Here's a quick catch up post.


  • Beginning a "vegetable subscription" at a local organic farm.  They bring us whatever's ripe each week!
  • Mother's Day and Memorial Day with Mark's fam.
  • Several rounds of golf, hours at the driving range and a kayaking adventure with Mark.
  • Beginning a ladies' summer bible study.
  • Doing large amounts of laundry to get ready for Mark's summer assignment.
  • Attending EPIC amounts of graduation parties.  


  • Getting bombarded with Etsy orders!  Hooray!
  • Driving 1700 miles back and forth to Young Life's Castaway Camp and my job in Sioux Center...all in the month of June.
  • Flying an additional 600 miles to Castaway with my parents.  
  • Celebrating my sister, Micah's, birthday.
  • Mark and I doing music at Young Life club with Jake Ousley!  Check out his tunes HERE!
  • Spending time with my besties, Alisha and Shannon, on a girls' weekend.


  • A mini-vaca on the Mississippi River with my family.
  • Praying through and finally making one of the biggest and hardest decisions in Mark and I's marriage so far.  Stay tuned for more details.
  • Celebrating my father-in-law's, nephew's, brother-in-law's, and Shannon's birthday.
  • An 18 hour trek with 70 friends to Young Life's Timberwolf Lake Camp.  Please stay tuned for a blog post entitled, "How to Follow a Charter Bus and Drive a 12 Passenger Van Through the Night Without Falling Asleep"...
  • Working from my laptop in a seedy hotel in Michigan for a week.
  • Seeing MANY of our Young Life friends commit their lives to Jesus!!

AND, these are only the things I can think of now.  Holy smokes, our lives are busy...  It's good to be home!  Hoping for things to slow down soon...

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