Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Wear it Out: My Journey Towards a More Ethical Closet

In becoming a Noonday Ambassador, I've been learning more about what it means to shop more conscientiously and build a more ethical closet. 

Less sweatshops, less clothing waste and pollution, less cheaply-made and trendy clothing, less closet clutter...  

More dignified jobs and healthy working conditions, more sustainability, more purposeful purchases...

I so want to be a part of this movement, but I've been a little overwhelmed.  So, SO much to research, so much to learn, budgeting to drastically adjust, bulging closets to sort through...  I've decided to at least start somewhere with some baby steps - hoping, over time, they will lead toward bigger changes and movement in building an ethical closet.

I've decided to begin with one of the most obvious steps.  WEAR WHAT I HAVE and WEAR IT OUT.  The concept is pretty obvious here...  Instead of letting items collect dust in the back of my closet, and instead of cycling through clothing quicker than the seasons change, I want to actually wear the pieces I've invested in and use them as long as they'll last.......before buying similar things and letting a lot of wear go to waste.  This will involve getting creative and being flexible, I'm sure!  

I'd love to journey this little adventure with you!

'll be picking some basic pieces from my closet (ones you probably have, too!) and share the ways I'm wearing them more intentionally and more creatively.  In celebration of September, finally a cooler month, I'll be styling my green military vest and trying to get as much wear as possible out of it!  I'm hoping to find ways to wear it twice a week, but hoping that goal isn't too idealistic?!  Help me, Rhonda...  I'll share updates on Facebook and Instagram, so be sure you're following along!

In the meantime, this trailer is a great lead-in to this very large and very important conversation. 


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