Tuesday, February 17, 2015

My Favorite Clothing Hacks - Part 1

You guys.  This clothing hack has been
the most transformational for my wardrobe, hands down. 

This little trick is fantastic for...
  1. Eliminating plumber's crack, affectionately dubbed "butt-crackin'" in my family.
  2. Getting rid of those drafty feelings on your stomach when you are reaching for something on the top shelf.
  3. Covering your bum when you want to wear those forbidden yoga pants and leggings. 
  4. Overall, feeling way more comfortable, cozy, and covered up - especially when you are chasing after kiddos all day.
Ready for it?

Buy dresses and wear them as shirts.

Just about everyday, I can be spot wearing a tank dress as a layering tank, with a t-shirt dress on top as a regular t-shirt.  Add a cardigan and leggings, and you are set for a comfortable day of changing diapers and cleaning up Cheerios.

These are also great transitional pieces in pregnancy.  The generous length is perfect for a growing (or shrinking!) belly.

For casual wear, search for "mini," "t-shirt," or "tank dresses," "body con," etc.  I love cotton or a cotton spandex sort of mix.  I always buy one size smaller than usual to get a shorter more shirt-y look. :). The length I aim for hits a couple of inches below my crotch, covers the majority of my bum, and has a little bit of a slouchy look.  

For dressier outfits, I just look for dresses that are shorter than knee-length, also buy a size down, and wear with skinny jeans.

Here are some ideas and links for you!


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  1. I totally love this look! And I love it that you used the word "crotch" in this post.


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