Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Project Life Update: HUGE Batch Three

Goodness gracious, I love memory-keeping.  Taking pictures, arranging them in their little pockets, and looking through all of the pages time and time and time again.  (Ask Mark how often I look at our scrapbook.  It is a little embarrassing.)  I don't want to overspiritualize this whole thing, but I have totally found myself being MORE thankful for the little parts of our life, MORE mindful of the Lord's faithfulness throughout all our memories, MORE joyful about the messiness of our "everydays"...  

...And, I finally have an excuse to take pictures of things that make me happy, and to save silly ticket stubs and other bits and pieces.  Finally, I have a reason to do the things I have WANTED to do for a long time.  

(Insert heavenly sounding music...)  

I've finally arrived and found my true calling in life, people.

Just kidding.

So...moving on... 

This is a mammoth Project Life update.  I completed these sheets over the last few months, but never really took any pictures of them.  I'm lame like that.

These pages were from this summer!  So crazy how quickly time flies.

I am getting in the habit of punching holes in things lately - our Compassion letter, Mark's news article, etc.  The binder I use has the regular 3-ring spacing, so it's pretty slick!

I love how Project Life's journal cards add a little jazz to my pages, but leave a little space for me to write a few sentences here and there about life at the moment.  If I want to write things that are lengthy, I usually blog them, them print them off and throw them in the binder.  But journal cards are a great way to jot down quick notes here and there.

I am a little embarrassed about my "selfies", but I DO want to remember, someday, what was in style, how I was experimenting with my personal style, etc.

Project Life is ALSO a super great opportunity to take pictures and remember the "little blessings" of life.  In the above pictures, remembering Will meeting all of his milestones on the therapy checklist, homemade granola from a friend, summer veggies, etc.  In this way, our scrapbook will reflect our REAL life, versus just our "put-together" moments.

My new favorite pages are COIN collecting pages.  See the little 2x2 squares?  The pockets are designed to store collector's coins in, but they are PERFECT for instagram pictures and/or less important photos...the pictures that don't really need to be huge, but are still fun reminders of what our "real" life looked like at the time.  I usually cut down journal cards into 2x2 squares for the "fillers".

Some Project Lifers record everything by WEEK.  Since I am not interested in being this committed to the project and since I do not take THAT many pictures, I just arrange my pages based on the order they are taken in.  From there, I insert journal cards to jot down notes about the pictures and why they were significant in the certain season of life.

The pockets are perfect spots to stuff little labels or tickets or other fun bits of life.

I have been using regular ole page protectors (the cheap-o ones from Wal-Mart) to stuff things like letters or programs or other fun memories.

More 2x2 goodness!  You can print SIX of these pics on ONE 4x6 sheet, so each picture is much less than a penny.

The above layout was sort of an experiment using some new page protectors, which included 2x2 pockets directly in the sheet.  I won't waste my money next time.  Coin sheets are much more fun and inexpensive.  I will be sticking to the basic "A" design in the future.

I used a regular page protector to stuff some of the cards Will received at his dedication party.  Before Project Life, these cards would have been collecting dust in a shoebox in a dark corner of our basement.  No fun.  Now, I look at them often! 

Did I mention I am still LOVING this method of scrapbooking?!


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