Wednesday, May 9, 2012

S&Bs from Wednesday

Simple and beautiful things to enjoy from Wednesday include:

Doing devotions on our tiny deck this morning with a large cup of dark coffee.  Do you see the cute gravel trail right below us?  And the little creek in the distance?  So fun to have such a nice view.

To all of my friends who dread their devotions, like I think every normal Christian does from time to time...  Pick something that you really enjoy doing (I like coffee and the outdoors) and invite the Lord to come along.  He would LOVE to do your favorite activity WITH you.  

Also...  Sending my very first letter to Canada!  Who knew it took two stamps?!  How I love snail mail.  I am making a point to send many more letters this summer the old-fashioned way.

Have you had any simple and beautiful moments today?  I bet you have, if you really stop and think about it!

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  1. I am so happy to be the recipient of your snail mail Liza :) And your beautiful devotional time inspired me..I am thinking up one of my own to have today.


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