Friday, May 18, 2012

Oh, My Darling...

I am so excited!  Darling Magazine has reached its fund-raising goal to create their first print issue!  Thus far, I've subscribed to their daily articles via email.  I can't wait to have a beautiful hard copy to sit next to my cup of coffee.  Holy moly.

Darling Magazine stands for everything wonderful that I can think of...  They see beauty in every type of woman, they believe being "fit" means being the healthiest version of you, they promote respect of women's bodies - seeing "sexy" as modesty + excellent fashion, they offer tangible and deep advice on painful issues facing women, they encourage saving and living within your budget, and...the best part...they believe in living a life connected to God in order to live well and love others.  (For a full description on what makes Darling Mag different click here.) The icing on the cake, at least for me, is that Darling manages to stand for Truth in a classy way.  No Comic Sans, great photos, simple and modern design and color palettes...  Work. Of. Art.  

On Darling's website, you can select a "profile" based on statements that best describe you, and...TA DA...the site selects several articles that best fit your taste and personality.  

So...WHO are YOU?  

Today, I'm a dreamer.  Yesterday, I felt more like a humanitarian.  Ah, well...both profiles have great articles, so lucky me!  Click your profile below and try an article!


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  1. um i cant' WAIT to have this in my salon I think i will throw all other magazines away!!! let me know where to get it?!?!


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