Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Junior High Blogging

Can you believe I changed my blog template AGAIN?  Yikes.  This is probably the 20th time I've changed the look of my blog in the past three years.  And, this is the 5th time I've decided that I hate all the photos in my Etsy shop and am tempted to retake all of them.

I am in a junior high stage with my blog and Etsy shop.

My awkward junior high spurt began in about 5th grade.  WHO let me wear a Yogi Bear hat with a t-shirt big enough for my dad?  Yikes.  There are no shortcuts in the process of self-discovery.

So...for the next six or seven years I experimented a bit.  A lot.  Short hair?  Long hair?  Matchy matchy clothes?  Alternative rocker clothes?  Plaid hats?  Funny?  Quiet?  Sarcastic?  Rebel?  Teacher's pet?

It took me years to settle and get comfy.

Now, I know that it is better to wear shirts that actually fit.  Yogi Bear hats and really short hair is never a good idea.  I know that I will always need to part my hair on the side.  I know that I am a good mix of creative rebel and predictable teacher's pet.  Brown is better than blonde.  Cute skirts are better than short shorts.  Toms, Reefs and knock-off Uggs are staples.  Introvertedness is okay.  Patterns are great, but only if they're simple.  Under eye concealer is my best friend.  I will always love vanilla ice cream.  I am comfortable relying on Target for 99% of my trendiness and style, and most of my apartment will probably always be decorated with thrift store finds.

I've settled into a good mix of quirks and regular sorts of things, splashes of color and dusty gray, predictability with some spontaneous moments.  And...it feels AWESOME.  I love that I am almost 30.  29 is WAY better than 12.

Sadly, my blog and my Etsy shop are still in 7th grade.  It will be a while until they find themselves and settle into their own special vibe and personality.  In the meantime, expect experimentation and discovery.  My logo and color scheme and the products in the shop might change another 14 times, but you know what?  Who cares.  I'm enjoying the creative journey a TON and trusting I'll end up at the right destination when I'm good and ready.

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