Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sick of One Year Agos - The Why Behind It All

I know, I know.  You are so sick of the ONE YEAR AGO wedding posts.  By now, you probably think I am just bragging and getting caught up in all of the frivolous details that don't mean much.  Though it might seem shallow up front, know that there are some decent behind-the-scenes reasons why I have been posting about so many "silly" things.

  1. I come from a family of celebrators.  We like to have a party for everything.  Birthdays, for instance, are a big deal.  We are known to take a whole week, heck, even a month, to celebrate our birthdays.  Why not, right?  My mom throws theme parties with matching decorations, we visit each other, we do fun things together...  We use our birthdays, very purposefully, as an excuse to have lots and lots of fun with our friends and family.  Celebrating is a big deal.  
  2. I am a reminiscer.  Is that a word?  I am a rememberer.  Nope.  That's not a word either.  Dang.  I love to look at pictures, think of happy memories...  This sort of relates to number 1, because, overall, I feel like in my remembering, in my heart, I am really just celebrating the Lord's faithfulness.
  3. In this past year alone, I've attended more weddings than in all other years combined.  I've struggled a lot with that because, since I am newly married, my wedding is still fresh in my mind.  Because of that, I have ended up comparing my wedding to the others I've been to.  And, I'm guessing we all know who usually wins the comparison game.  When I play it, I always feel like a loser in the end.  Certain people are always prettier, more creative, more elaborate, more perfect, blah, blah, blah...
So, although it has probably been annoying for you, my ONE YEAR AGO wedding posts have been like therapy for me.  They've allowed me to reminisce, remember, scour through old photos, celebrate the Lord's faithfulness in providing a husband for me that I thought would never come...  They've given me a reason to ooo and ahh over the little creative details, and they've reminded me that I really DID love my wedding.  The posts have given me a little outlet to celebrate my own ideas, my own creativity, my uniqueness - in the midst of battling the nasty comparison game.  God's made me ME.  Period.  Therapy.  Who needs Dr. Phil??

With that said, thanks for your graciousness.  I don't mean to be cocky and toot my own horn.  I don't mean to dwell on the shallow things.  I know it's not about the wedding day.  I totally get it.  I've been spending the last weekend and week celebrating the deeper and more profound things with my husband and with the Lord.  We had a great anniversary weekend together, which I will probably post about another time.  

Stay tuned, folks.

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  1. You said:
    "I feel like in my remembering, in my heart, I am really just celebrating the Lord's faithfulness."

    YES. This is true, and it is right. Be a rememberer. (Nope, not a word - got the red squiggle.) Be grateful. Be a celebrator of God's provision for you in every way: spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally. I'm trying to be more "remember-ful" each day.


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