Friday, September 2, 2011


Read THIS and THIS first!

My friend Kristin is beautiful because...  She loves the Lord so much...and His beauty shines through her everyday!  When we are together, the conversation always turns to how God has been at work in her life and about what she's learning from Him.  Kristin has a refreshing, down-to-earth perspective on health and wellness - she holds me accountable in times where I'd like to give up and just be a couch potato!  She's never content to stay in a rut, always learning, always growing, always desiring more that just "average".  Kristin is inspiring!  She's crazy athletic, but also super creative and artistic.  No matter what she's doing or creating, it always seem to point to the Lord.  What follows is from Kristin!

About Kristin...
I am a 22 year old woman fresh out of college, planted into a new apartment with a new husband, new career and a new REAL life!  I love to use my passion for full life (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) to share Jesus with people.  I love creating things, whether a recipe, painting or an outfit.  I love reading, running, coffee, peanut butter, and long, deep chats.

Real Beauty to Kristin...
Honestly, I'm a nature girl.  I love the stars, running outdoors, swimming in the ocean...  My creations never match up to God's!  Natural beauty, to me, is waking up in the morning joyful to be in the skin I'm in.  

Her Can't-Live-Withouts...
My journaling Bible, genuine community, my husband, a good breakfast, a good place to run.

The Thing/s She's Most Proud of...
I boast in Christ! :)  Is that a Sunday School answer??

Her Top Insecurity/s and How She's Fights Them...
I wish I had better complexion and that my legs were skinnier, etc.  I'm naturally very critical of myself, so I don't spend as much time thinking about the blessings in my life as I should.  I long to always be a "cup half full" person.  God has recently been giving me more peace and security in my body.  When Satan tries to take me down the "critic" road, I try to fight back.  Heck no!  I won't go!  I recently discovered a love for my arms, and I love my eyes.  

How God's Been at Work in Her Life...
God has been teaching me lots about myself in this season...  He's been teaching me that I need to learn lots more about what it means to rest.  Rest in Him and trust Him.  Surrender control more often and open my eyes to what He's doing. 

Kristin also recommends checking out the song "Restless" by Audrey Assad, and the verse I Corinthians 13:12.

Didn't I tell you she's beautiful?  I am blessed to have crazy beautiful friends.

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