Monday, September 12, 2011


Earlier today, I was getting some work done at a local coffee shop.

I had to go to the bathroom, so I took my purse with me, since I didn't want any bad guys stealing my twenty dollar bill or pack of gum or chapstick.

Before I got to the bathroom, terrible stories on Dateline and 20/20 flashed into my memory about date rape drugs in drinks.

...So I turned around, and brought my coffee WITH me to the bathroom.

Nevermind that there were only two 70-year old men in the coffee shop, in addition to a teeny bopper dude behind the cash register.

It is 2011 and you just never know, folks.


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  1. i'm sitting in a coffee shop right now and after reading your post i feel like we're the same person. i'm off and hauling my laptop AND drink into the bathroom with me. i left my sunglasses at my seat though... and my notebook. apparently those two things don't as greatly affect my physical and financial health...


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