Wednesday, September 28, 2011

DESIGN ON A DIME | Home & Monograms

In the last six months, I've added a lot of little things to our apartment decor.  All the additions have been extremely cheap, thrifted, or homemade.  I am so proud of myself.

HOME - four thick cardboard letters from Hobby Lobby - under a dollar a piece.  Painted white with a craft paint - under two dollars.  Arranged vertically and close together, because I like typography that way, and funtacked to the wall.

L&M - Instead of a bulky headboard, I bought super-sized frames and mats from IKEA.  I made the L&M monogram design in Publisher in about 15 minutes and had the design blown up at Office Max - both were under 20 bucks.  The name Liza means consecrated to God and Mark means mighty warrior.

Dear Design on a Dime,

Yes, I will come be a special guest on your show.  Thanks for asking.

Liza Jane DeYounge

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  1. shoot, if I offer you a quarter I wonder how much you could do with my tired decor....15 years of marriage and still have the wedding gifts out. no time, no money, no talent for it. yours is very inspiring though!


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