Monday, August 1, 2011


If you haven't already, read my previous post. Then, this post will make more sense!

My friend Danielle is beautiful because... She is one of the most authentic and honest people I know. She has been through all the "worst-case scenarios", has lived to tell about them all, and is more confident of the Lord's provision and faithfulness than ever. She is real - never fakes it, or tries to be perfect. She hates small talk and likes to skip to the part where conversation turns deep and meaningful. She is a learner, a prayer, a teacher and a grace-giver! She respects and follows her husband well. She is selfless and patient with her 3 crazy cute kids. She's one of my best friends! What follows is from Danielle...

About Danielle...
I've been married 8 years to Jeremy. My career? Serving Jeremy and the kids - Kasiah, Dyson, Adalie. I love to read and write!

Her Definition of Real Beauty is...
Real beauty is being so secure in Jesus that even the most horrific circumstances can't move you.

Her Can't-Live-Withouts...
ProActive, Coffee Time with my husband every morning, personal devotional time, the vacuum, Jeremy, Dyson's hugs, Adalie's snuggle time, Kasiah's prayer time.

The Thing/s She's Most Proud of..
Doing Insanity and P90X for the last 12 months!, Jeremy and I's marriage after surviving so much (where do I start?!), who Jeremy has become today, and how cute my kids are. I often wonder why God picked us to have such cute kids!

Her Insecurities and How She Fights Them...
My skin, my chest, my hair... I should start focusing on my favorite features, huh? My eyes! My new bod since losing 45 pounds after Adalie was born.

How God's At Work in Her Life...
I'm learning more about the Holy Spirit, which brings a new depth to being a Christian that is pretty counter-cultural. I'm also learning to be more of a Mary in a Martha-sort of world.

Some More of Her Favorites...
My favorite verse is Matthew 20:6 "What God has joined, let no one separate." (This verse became more special to Danielle when she stayed faithful to Jeremy in the midst of some affairs.) My favorite book of the Bible is Psalms it's filled with honest and real prayers. No fluff!

I told you Danielle is beautiful! Like her, may we be unmoved and unshaken - even in the midst of horrific circumstances...that our security in the Lord would be really, really beautiful.


  1. I agree with all of it. she is beautiful and the world is better with her in it!

  2. Oh how I miss both you and Danielle! Conversation is just different around the office now.


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