Saturday, August 20, 2011


12-14ish girls packed into our apartment on every Tuesday this summer.  We studied Ephesians together and learned from a couple of wonderful guest speakers.  It was great.  To wrap up the summer, we had a little celebration!  The apartment is small without room for a big table, so I put together a "picnic" sort of party because 1) then it would make sense to sit on the floor...  2) I already had a lot of picnic-y sorts of things on hand...  We had supper together, shared bits of encouragement, played an Apples To Apples-ish game, and had a dress-up photo booth!  Such a great night...  

Special thanks to friends and family (you know who you are) who lent me picnic supplies!  Please excuse the crappy pictures.  The lighting was terrible.  Mark and I might invest in a new camera for Christmas.  Hooray!

Mom let me borrow her glass mason jars for drinks.  I had a lot of leftover tags that I stamped up quick for name tags.  I also had a lot of miscellaneous beads in my junky/craft cupboard, so I strung some on the ends. I used quilts as table cloths, basket "servers" for paper plates (also courtesy of Mom), unfinished candle sticks from a garage sale, and more mason jars full of daisies to spruce things up a bit.

This is a terrible picture, but you get the idea...  Plastic silverware wrapped in two napkins (to get a more patchwork quilty look), wrapped in twine.

Part of the drink station - lemonade and iced tea!   Yum.

This is an idea I stole from Martha Stewart.  She wrapped Christmas cookies in CD covers and sealed them with generic white address labels stuck to both sides.  I used stamps on the labels in this picture.

Part of the little food table I had sitting on the floor.  It's really a white Ikea shelf laying on its side.  I thought, since we're all sitting on the floor, it would be fine to have a low-sitting "table" for our food.  I just used a bunch of miscellaneous bowls and cake stands (which I love to collect) for food.  The cool thing was that nothing had to match!  We had ceasar wraps, kettle chips, watermelon and cookies.

Another crappy picture, but it shows the string lighting and quilts on the floor.
Dress up time!
My wonderful friend, Kristin, helped me set things up...both of us in our dress-up clothes!


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