Thursday, July 21, 2011


Friends. You have got to read this book. If you are poor, no worries. I found it on Amazon for two dollars. If you don't like to read, no worries. It is less than 125 pages.

I don't even know how to begin to sum it up - it's just that good. Here are some quotes that might help you understand some overarching themes in it...

Currently the children of God who really seek after Him are divided into two classes: one class knows the Bible but knows little of God's power; the other does not know much of the Bible yet knows the power of God. Very seldom are Christians well-balanced in both points.
...Knowledge of the Scriptures alone is not sufficient; we must know God himself. But to know Him requires dealings with God and dealings by God. We will not come to the knowledge of God if we do not deal with Him and expect to be dealt with by Him.
...A lamentable condition prevails today, which is, that few are those who truly know God. Brethren, we may frequently listen to Bible knowledge and yet we still do not know God. He who only possesses some knowledge of the Bible is like one who fights with a mere reed as a weapon: he will bend as the wind blows; he has not the strength to fight. Let me ask, Who can say today that he knows God's purpose, God's mind, His will, and His way? I often say that to know God is precious beyond measure; nothing can be compared with it. Some people can open the Bible and speak quite well on a passage, but they may not know God at all. They may talk well, yet they are strangers to Him. The knowledge of the Bible ought to lead us to the knowledge of God. This is not so nowadays.
PS - This is just the tip of the iceberg. I'm learning more about what it means to wrestle with God and have real interaction with Him - more about what it means to actually know Him and hear from Him. Much of the stuff I'm reading is drastically changing the way I want to pray and read my Bible from now is changing the way I think about the Lord in many moments throughout the day.

It just may be a life-changer sort of book, folks... BUT, in the words of my long-lost buddy, Levar Burton on Reading Rainbow, "You don't have to take my word for it!"

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