Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Prophetic Relief

In Acts 11, it talks about how prophets came from Jerusalem to visit some of the disciples in Antioch. One of these prophets foretold that there'd be a great famine coming to the world. In hearing this, the disciples put their heads together. My guess is that they probably prayed and tried to discern through whether or not this prophet was legit and if they should listen to him. In the end, they believed God was speaking through him, and responded by sending relief to their brothers in Christ who would (in the future, mind you) be impacted by the famine. Sure enough, the famine hit "in the days of Claudius", and they were prepared.

So here are my questions for you out there in cyberspace...
  1. Do you believe God can still speak prophetically to people? Letting us know what the future holds?
  2. Christians around the world (the Church) have sent relief to many different places throughout history. I think of the earthquake in Japan or the tornado in Joplin off-hand... In sending relief after disasters have already taken place, could it be that we're late? Maybe? If we're willing to listen to the voices of prophetic people in this hour of history, could God speak and let us know where to send relief ahead of time?


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