Saturday, July 23, 2011


We have had quite the adventure in the automobile department lately. Here's the story of the past few months...

My Aveo dies on the way to Rock Valley. Turns out the timing belt and engine decided to quit. $1400 later, she perked back up.

Mark's Pontiac died near a busy intersection in Sioux Falls. Some small part (that I don't know the name of) had to be replaced, so we only had to dump $200 this time.

My Aveo gets hit in a parking lot...a hit and run! Luckily, I caught the guy's license plate before he drove off. The insurance company gave us $300! Score.

On our vacation, Mark's Pontiac started making funny noises. I think the wheel bearings were going bad. Don't quote me on that. I'm a girl, and let's be honest, I know nothing about cars. Anyway, I think we spent around $700 on that one.

We found out that my grandma was trading in her Buick for a newer Buick. She asked if we wanted to buy it from her. We did want to, but wasn't sure if we'd be able to sell Mark's car quickly enough...

Mark puts his Pontiac up for sale. A friend bought it ONE DAY later.

Over the Fourth, Mark officially traded in his sports car Pontiac with a sun roof and supercharged engine...for a Buick. The things you have to do when you get married... Sidenote: When I told my spitfire Grandma Betty that Mark was going to get teased about driving a grandma car, she jumped in and said, "No, that's not a grandma car! That's a grandPA car. Your Papa bought that thing - not me. My new car has a spoiler and the engine revs up and it can go really fast around corners." My grandma is 85, folks.

Anyway, we love the Buick. And, I'm not sure if Mark will admit it in front of people yet, but he doesn't miss his Pontiac at all. He is in love and completely fascinated with the reverse-backing-up-alarm-dingy thing that beeps if you back up too close to something. I am totally in love with the sea twarmers. And yes, I use the warmers even in the summer, because Mark turns up the air conditioning so darn much. The Buick is saving our marriage. The Lord knows us well! :)

Seriously, though - we are praising God for being a Great Provider in the auto department. We dumped a lot of money in our vehicles but no one has gotten hurt, Mark's car sold miraculously fast in a bad economy, Grandma was very generous, and we don't have any car payments hanging over our head. God is so good to us!



  1. Liza, that seat warmer idea is genius. If I have a car with seat warmers someday this will come in handy. I am going to restrain myself from jealousy and in the meantime sneakily turning down the air every once in while will have to do.

    Cool story BTW! I'm glad to hear you have at least 1 "old reliable" in your possession. They are much better than an "old UN-reliable" and only slightly worse then a "new reliable".

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