Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Oh, friends - we are surrounded by TV commercials, Victoria Secret ads, People magazine, the Bachelorette, short shorts, bikinis and skimpy tank tops. These things get lots of attention. I'm sure we all have varying opinions about those sorts of things, so I'm not here to debate it all. I AM wondering, however, if we know what real beauty looks like. If we stumbled across real beauty, would we miss it? What if it didn't have a six-pack and an awesome butt with long shiny hair and perfectly tanned skin?
I can think of lots of really beautiful gals that I know. Some fit the Victoria Secret definition of beauty, but others are even more beautiful than other ways. In the future, I'm hoping to do a handful of little spotlights on some of my beautiful friends. If nothing else, we will hear some fun facts about some interesting people. Overall, though, I hope we can all be reminded that beauty isn't always determined by size, shape or appearance. Off and on (I am bad with schedules, so I'll leave it at that), I hope you will join with me in celebrating real beauty. If you are the praying sort of person, you can also join me in asking God to help refine our definitions of beauty. Sound good? I think so...

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