Monday, April 18, 2011

Trades: Migraines for Exercise

Last fall, I was having tons and tons of migraines, and feeling crappy in general. I finally gave in and started seeing a Christian chiropractor that happens to be passionate about everything natural and organic. When he and his assistants rambled on about natural tree-hugging sorts of things, I would roll my eyes and make fun of them in my head.

Now it's your turn to roll your eyes and make fun of ME, because I (of all people) am slowly becoming a natural tree-hugger myself. Crazy, right? I should also mention that since January, I have had ZERO migraines, which I attribute to lots of prayer, the healing power of the Lord, and...tree-hugging.

Although I thought going natural would be hard, expensive, time-consuming and really inconvenient...I have been pleasantly surprised. There are SOME things that are pretty stinking easy. I will start to post some of my most recent trade-offs. Aren't you just so excited?? Stop making fun of me in your head...

The picture above is my first trade. Thanks to the Lord, I traded in migraines. Now, I have enough health and energy to work out around 4 times a week. I HATE working out with a furious passion, but I am working on determination.

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  1. SO glad that's working out for you! We've been becoming tree-huggers for years so I've gotten used to the eye roll and knowing that I'm being made fun of in various internal dialogues of other people! :) I'll be honest, when I invited you I was sure it would help you, but John and I left the dinner that night wondering what your thoughts were! Now I kinda! We've been praying for you and hoping that your migraines would get better. I was so happy to read this and know where the Lord has brought you in a few months! What a great trade! :)


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