Friday, April 8, 2011

Something's Different

I just can't get enough of Fox News, CNN or NPR lately. I don't have enough hours in my day to read all the blogs and websites about our financial crisis, earthquakes around the world, trouble in the Middle East... I can't wait to put new documentaries on my Netflix queue. Someone take my temperature.

I have never cared about the news or current events. I always chose the Food Network over CNN, Narnia over the newspaper, crafting and foodie blogs over Flash Traffic, and Prison Break over any documentary. Always. I can't even remember if I voted in the last election. Seriously.

But now, everything's different. I'm not sure when or how it happened exactly, but my life has really changed. For the better? Yes, absolutely. It doesn't feel very comfortable - I'm confused about a lot of issues, scared about some things, angry about other things. I don't know what to do with all I'm learning, and I have a lot of questions about it all. But yes, I believe my life is better knowing all of these things. I am ruined and repentant, knowing my sin has led to brokenness in the world. I am motivated to pray, to stand in the gap for people and for nations. I am called to be a watchman - learning to piece together what's happening in our world and how it relates to how God is moving. I am becoming more courageous in sounding the alarm.

For years, I've been running around with my fingers in my ears and my hands over my eyes. Yikes. Now, God is challenging me to be attentive. He is asking me to be a good listener. He is encouraging me to take the brokenness of the world, and His plans for it more seriously.

I'm not in a place of gloom and doom. I am in a place of watchfulness. I am seeing more of the world's brokenness, but I am also seeing more of the Lord's hand moving in powerful ways. It's a great and terrible place to be. (Joel 2, Malachi 4)

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  1. Thanks for blogging Liza. I don't get on here much. But when I finally do, it's always worth it. Love you.


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