Wednesday, March 9, 2011


A few updates from the DeYounge, I mean apartment...
  • My beloved Aveo's engine died. She is getting fixed this week. Suddenly, she is high-maintenance and very pricey.
  • Last weekend, Mark and I spent a nice weekend with my family in Northeast Iowa. We had a wonderful car ride, played with 1-day-old lambs, ate lots of tasty carbs, made pizzas and laughed a lot with my spitfire-85-year-old grandma, had good conversation and some great rest.
  • Mark and I have scrapped the short-lived Cracker Barrel tradition for Wednesday afternoon coffee at Dunn Brothers. It is our new tradition that will last much longer than two weeks. We love it. Well, I think Mark likes it. I double love it.
  • It's been 5 1/2 weeks since my last migraine. Just awesome.
  • Our second day of our crazy diet is going well...except for the part when we went to Perkins and had to pass up the Chocolate Silk Pie. Oh my word, my mouth just started watering as I wrote that last sentence.
  • Mark's basketball/coaching season is over. Mark also just finished another seminary class. We are savoring some free time (there for a few weeks, I almost forgot what 'free time' felt like!).
  • I just got a mole removed on my forehead, so I am sporting around a classy band-aid on my face. Pray that the mole is non-cancerous! I am not worried about it, but just in case...
  • Things at my job at ATLAS are going well. I am loving what I do these days...
Hmm... That's all for now. Overall, we are staying busy and are thankful for the fun and wonderful blessings God throws our way.

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  1. just in case you get depressed when people don't always comment. i'm leaving you a comment. i was there that weekend. done. that's all.


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