Tuesday, March 1, 2011

If it were up to me...

I think Fuller Theological Seminary should give credits to the ladies whose husbands are taking their classes.


  1. Because husbands process all their readings and lectures with their wives.
  2. Because husbands ask their wives all of the hard questions their professors asked, that they already know the answer to, to see if their wives are smart enough to get it right.
  3. Because husbands make their wives edit and make sense of their 12 page theology papers so that they will get a good grade.
PS - For the record, I love 1-3. I love listening, wondering and editing. I am happy and thankful my husband is taking seminary classes. ...but I still wish I would get some credits, too. :)

PPS - On second thought, maybe I can just walk around and tell people that I am "auditing" Systematic Theology from Fuller. Maybe then, at LEAST, people would think I was smart and deep and stuff...?? Maybe?


  1. You're definitely smart and deep and stuff :-)

  2. honey. it's alright. you don't have to be deep. there are a lot of nice things that reside in shallow waters. like coral reefs! did you know there are entire ORGANIZATIONS bent on saving the coral reefs? your role is important too.

    bahahahahahahaha jk jk. you can be smart and deep. as long as i can be 'and stuff'. that can imply lots of things. sounds fun.


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