Thursday, March 3, 2011

Health & Nutrition

Mark and I are sugar burners. Read this!

For the record, we're not necessarily wanting to lose a bunch of weight. We ARE wanting to be healthy. Did you see the bottom of the article?
Dr. Ron Rosedale, M.D., nutrition and metabolic expert and author of the Rosedale Diets says: “Health and life span is determined by the proportion of fat versus sugar people burn throughout their lifetime. The more fat you burn as fuel, the healthier you will be. The more sugar you burn as fuel, the more disease-ridden you will be and the shorter your life will likely be.” just a few days, we're starting a hard core two week (we'll see how long it lasts) meal plan thing that is supposed to help our bodies "reset" to become better fat burners. That means no carbs for a while. Dang. Carbs are my favorite. Starting on Monday, I might not be the nicest person to be around...

Our Maximized Living chiropractor would not be happy to hear this, but until Monday, I am enjoying, savoring and celebrating every last crumb of carbohydrate I encounter. Yum.

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