Monday, March 28, 2011

The Carbs are BACK.

The no-carb-no-sugar thing was good...I guess... Yes, it was good. Here are a few things we learned...
  • Carbs make you feel super bloated... I'm not kidding. If you do without them for two weeks, you'll feel like you lost 10 pounds even though you didn't actually lose 10 pounds.
  • There's a difference between feeling a bloated and heavy "full" ...and feeling "full" in a way that is just satisfied and comfortable. Pay attention to how your body feels when you eat. Don't just stuff it all in and feel crappy afterwards (remind me that I said this when I start stuffing my face without thinking). It's crazy easy to be gluttonous in our culture.
  • If you go without carbs and sugar cold-turkey for two weeks, you DO start to crave them less. And you DO start to crave veggies more.
  • I had dull headaches and was grumpy half the I learned that my body was, in fact, super addicted to sugars.
  • Carbs and sugar are EVERYWHERE. It was extremely difficult to grab something quick and cheap at a gas station or restaurant. Eating healthy is a pretty big investment...both time and money.
  • Veggies and protein aren't all that bad. I learned to make some really yummy recipes that I will for sure use in the future.
So, as a fast, it was good. Food fasts are always really hard for me, but they are always worth it. As a diet, it was okay. As always, it seems moderation is best. DO live a fasted lifestyle, but don't freak out and restrict away all the joy in eating, fellowshipping and breaking bread with people you love.

Overall, I am much more conscious about what I eat and how it makes me feel. Mark and I are back to carbs, but I will say that we are eating less of them in general now...and really appreciating other healthy options with veggies and protein.

Here are our first bites of sugar after two weeks... It was fun in the moment, but we felt pretty crappy afterwards! :) PS - I did not eat both desserts... I promise!


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