Sunday, March 20, 2011

2 Ways to Be a Prayer Warrior

I am a part-time Prayer & Worship Coordinator for ATLAS in Sioux Center. I get paid to lead prayer, to lead worship, and to train and equip others to live a lifestyle of prayer and worship. It's a pretty wonderful job. Lately, I've tried praying in a couple of new ways. Want to join me?

FACEBOOK! Pray through Facebook statuses and profiles. People so want to be heard and understood and known - when you really pay attention to statuses, walls and other info people make public, you'll start to notice ways you can pray for friends and acquaintances. You'll feel like a stalker for the first five minutes, but after a while, you'll forget about caring - people post stuff because they WANT it to be public, right? - you'll be immersed in a little online prayer walk. Maybe your friend posts a comment about having a bad day, maybe an acquaintance posts a few pictures that make it apparent he/she has been making some sketchy choices, maybe someone's status quotes a Bible can pray for any and all of these things. Pray that your friend would find more joy, that your acquaintance would have strength to choose wisely, that that special verse would become rooted in their heart, etc. Be a Facebook Prayer Warrior.

CURRENT EVENTS! Pray through current events. Check CNN or Fox News online. Joel Rosenberg has a great blog called Flash Traffic to check out too. The more you look, the more you will realize how broken our world is. Violence, pain, war, disaster - it's everywhere. Let the news stories inform and motivate you towards intercession. Be purposeful about looking for good, too. Praise God for diverting hurricanes, or saving the child stuck in a mine shaft, or whatever else you stumble upon. Be an Aware & Informed Prayer Warrior.

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  1. Liza, you are a good blogger. I like reading your blogs. :)


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