Thursday, February 3, 2011


I think that we are going to start a least I hope we are! For some reason, I can't get enough of Cracker Barrel. Isn't that ridiculous? They have like 27 handicapped parking spots there because so many elderly people think it's a "happening" spot. Well, move over senior citizens, and make room for some twenty-somethings... Every Wednesday, Mark and I have a Sabbath. We can't really have sabbaths on weekends because of ministry stuff, so yeah, we pick Wednesday. Anyway, I am thinking that we should wrap up our Wednesday-sabbath nights by drinking decaf coffee and eating apple dumplin's at Cracker Barrel by the fire. We will talk about life and love and the Lord, and it will be awesome.

(Above) Last night at the Cracker Barrel Mark decided he wanted tea for his sore throat instead of coffee. I'm not sure if teapots and Mark are really made for each other...

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