Monday, January 10, 2011


Oh my. Isn't it funny how bent out of shape we get when we lose control?

My husband is caught in the snowstorm of a century in, of all places, Atlanta, Georgia. His flight home has been cancelled and goodness knows when the South will be able to dig out of the drifts. One of USA Today's headlines is entitled, "Winter Storm Paralyzes Air Traffic in Atlanta". And, what do you know, Good Morning America's very own weatherman, Sam Champion, was reporting live in a snowbank from downtown Atlanta this morning. So nice of him to travel all the way there to update me on my husband's predicament first-hand.

Needless to say, I am not a happy camper.

I am so dumb though. My husband is happy, healthy and safe. I will see him soon. I think I am just used to planning and controlling and having my way all too often. Thank You, God, for healthy reminders like this.

Oh, it's not too nice in SF either. The picture I posted is the view from my patio window...



  1. I totally hate snow too Liza. But mine is for other reasons. Eric scoops snow and has to leave usually by 130 in the morning to go out and scoop. Then I am left to fend for myself with the 5 kids. Something I usually get anxity about. So I just don't like it when Eric needs to leave so early in the morning and like yesterday was up till supper ate and goes to bed. So yeah... I HATE SNOW TOO!!

  2. Becky - I know right??? That stinks. Mark is STILL stuck and might not even be home tomorrow. Snow, snow, GO AWAY!!


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