Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sacred Seven

Oh my word. Church was so good this morning. In our membership class, one of the pastors was talking about the church's mission and vision. One of their values at the church is for their members to be reaching out, loving and investing in unbelievers - people who don't have an active relationship with Christ yet. I was especially thankful for that sort of focus this morning because God had already been working in my heart and convicting me a lot about the same sort of thing. I will try to sum this up without being too rambly...

Ever since high school, I have been surrounded by Christians. All. The. Time. I'm not kidding. When you go to a Christian college in a community that has a church on every corner...when you have Christian friends and with Christian praise team people...and when your job is to sit behind a piano and sing nice songs about Jesus, you don't really run into many people who have never heard about the Gospel.

Over the years, I have rationalized that some people are called to be evangelists and that some are called to be disciplers and some are called to be worship leaders. To put it bluntly, I was assuming God called me to sit behind the piano and bless people with music, and that in that, I was somehow exempt when it came to the Great Commission.

Over the last year, God has been changing my heart and showing me that it is every Believer's obligation, privilege and joy to share Christ with others. (Duh, right? Wish I would have learned that earlier...) I started by praying that He would send some people (even one person) into my life that I could invest in and befriend, with the hope of earning the right to be heard, and to share the Gospel. I prayed that He would help me start looking and watching for those people, and that I would respond to Him in obedience if He pricked my heart and said, "Share Me with that person!" I also started praying that I would find JOY in thinking about sharing His love with others. And what do you know...He answered my prayers.

I know that our church encourages us to have a "Sacred Seven" - seven people to pray for, invest in and share the Gospel with throughout the year. However, right now, I only have a Sacred TWO. I am still praising God, though. Two is a good number to start with. My prayer is that, in this new year, I will be faithful and obedient to His call with these two gals.

Do you have a Sacred Seven? How about a Sacred one or two, even?

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