Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sacred Seven: Chapter Two

So crazy... Well, not crazy... Providential? Yes. Providential.

To review, here is the sequence of God starting to work in my heart regarding evangelism and the Gospel...
  1. I read Luke over the summer and am convicted that I don't know the first thing about real hospitality and sharing the Good News.
  2. I start praying (but doing nothing) that God would help me wrap my mind around it all and lead me in ways to start doing a better job.
  3. As I continue to pray, I start processing stuff. God started showing me that sharing His Gospel isn't just about "getting people saved".
  4. Mark & I start a "Faith Steps" class at our church. We learn a lot about the fullness of the Gospel - what it is and what it isn't... Sounds pretty simple, but let me tell you, it is very different from what our culture seems to be telling us.
  5. I pray that God would help lead me to a couple people who don't know the fullness of the Gospel, or who aren't saved, so that I can start being more of a testimony to Him.
  6. He lays two people on my heart.
  7. I go to Faith steps last week (see this post for the story) and get the final push I need to get out there and share some good stuff.
  8. This week, I actually DID share some things with one of my two people. It was so good. I learned that I don't have to force conversation in a way that leads up to the question, "If you died tonight, would you go to heaven or hell?" The Good News is so multi-facted and wonderful that just about any, good-ole, natural conversation leads into a place where Truth can be shared. The point is to PAY ATTENTION for those divinely initiated moments.
  9. A gal from church called me this week to ask me to do special music. I asked what the message is about. You know what I found out? The message is about "Telling it With Love" - reaching out to people, sharing the Truth, sharing the Gospel and focusing on our Sacred Seven. I am extra excited because now I have a chance to sing about exactly what God has been speaking into my heart over the last few months. When I sing "The time is now, come Church, arise! Love with His hands, see with His eyes!" it will actually be the song in my heart and my personal encouragement for our church. Now, that is providential. Here is the song by Christy Nockels:

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