Monday, January 3, 2011

Cheap Ways to... Decorate & Wrap Presents!

I know that this post would have been more fitting before Christmas, but welcome to my life. I am usually two steps behind. Regardless, I had tons of fun wrapping presents this year, so thought I would share.

My preface is this... I only used what I already had! Dig through your cupboards and drawers the next time you need to wrap a gift. You might find treasures! (Scroll down for pictures.)

  • Ribbon (not just the curly kind - fabric or satin ribbon, string, thread or twine works!)
  • Stickers (I used up a bunch of letter stickers I had, but use whatever you find. Stickers work best on presents that are wrapped in plain paper.)
  • Paper bags (I used a bunch of bags that the grocery store gives you when you buy wine. I asked Hy-Vee for some, and they gave me over 50 for FREE. Cut them down to size.)
  • Old brooches or pins (attach a ribbon and you've got a super-fun-and-creative bow!)
  • Scrapbook paper or scraps (use for tags or other decoration)
  • Tissue paper (or fabric!)
  • Newspaper
  • Markers
  • Stamps
  • Lace
  • OR...don't wrap stuff at all. Just attach a cute tag and throw in some tissue paper. Some gifts are too cute to be wrapped. (see coffee cup below!)
That's certainly not a full list, but you get the point. Use what is laying around. I'm not kidding. See what you find and try making something up. Just try it. Even if you screw up, it might be fun. Call it an exercise of your creativity.

(There was a gift card in Casey's bag. I just cut the top of one of those wine paper bags I mentioned earlier, stuffed in some tissue paper and made a tag.)

Happy wrapping, friends! - LDY


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